Upward Growth

Personal Devotion

Our first point of emphasis at Imago Dei Church is "Upward Growth". By Upward Growth we are referring to the spiritual growth of every follower of Jesus that is built through personal devotion. One of the major ways we grow Upward is through bible reading and prayer. Below is the Imago Dei Church reading plan and Personal Worship Guide. Use these as a guide daily to help facilitate intimacy and growth with Jesus. 

Inward Growth

Loving One Another

Our second point of emphasis at Imago Dei is "Inward Growth". By this we do not mean "inner" growth individually, but growing in our love and relationships with one another as a church body. To facilitate this currently, we gather weekly for a bible study Wednesday nights on Zoom. We Also be on the look out for our family gatherings when we all get together outside of Sunday morning! For a link to Bible study or any other info, fill our the connect card link below.

Outward Growth

Follow Me

Our third point of emphasis at Imago Dei Church is "Outward Growth". By this we mean the command of all Christians everywhere to join the mission of God to make disciples of all nations. At Imago Dei we believe this begins with having open and honest conversations about Jesus with the people we are around on a daily basis. We plan to do this with our "On 10" strategy. We want to invite 10,000 people to church, have 1,000 gospel conversations, have 100 visitors, and see 10 baptisms in 2022. 

Fill out our connect card below to give us the name of someone you had a gospel conversation with this week!