Welcome to

Imago Dei Kids Church

Ages 3-4 and Kindergarten


Our "lambs" classroom will participate in worship songs, listen to Gods word and participate in activities related to the lesson. 

Grades 1-5


Our "lions" classroom will receive their very own bible which they will use weekly as they read and listen to Gods word. This group will participate in memory verse activities and study Gods word and historical context.

What To Expect

First Time?

Before service: First find the area marked Kids Check in. Here we will meet your family and check your child in to the system.

Upon checking in for the first time we will ask for the following information:

* Parent/Guardian name(s)

* Child(ren) name(s) and birthdate(s)

* Home address(s)

* Phone number(s) and email(s)

* Any special instructions (allergies, special needs, etc.)

Security: You and your child will receive matching security name tags. Your child will wear one name tag while you hold on to the matching name tag. You are required to display your security tag to the teacher when picking up your child(ren).

Dismissal to class: Children will be dismissed to classes after communal worship. Parents will lead children ages 3,4 and kindergarten to their classroom and children grades 1-5 will be lead to the classroom by their teacher.

During service: In the event that we need to contact you during service, an assistant from the classroom will come to get you and guide you to your children’s classroom.

After service: After the service is complete you will return to your child’s classroom and show your tag in order for your child to be released back to you

Schedule a Visit: Click the link below to schedule a visit to IDKids.